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A Story of Who Knows What the Hell
It's what I had for dinner.

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Love Fall

Falling snow pours forth upon the land

rich in cold, clean gentleness –

flowing through a nebulous wind.

Its call; a fragmented song,

never revealing truth in scattered wisdom

as if divided snowflakes masking eyes,

separate in flight yet part of a whole.

Then dancing among mysteries,

entwined in the biting air,

hands meet in a quiet storm.

Two minds understand meaning

through their fiery gazes into each other

through the souls warm window.

The whispering air ceases to breathe uncertainty

as snowflakes melt upon burning skin

and longing beings unravel time.

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I just need to finish some stuff for two writing competitions. Don't worry, I won't go emo if I don't finish them. So long as I don't lose the drafts...

I also got V For Vendetta as a birthday gift. Go me.

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Well, I'm not going to continue Teriscore at this point. I'm not abandoning the story COMPLETELY though. What I have been doing is writing random short stories that branch off from Teriscore, and I plan to post the ones I like enough to finish rather than continue the plot I first came up with. So the characters, Kyna, Caylor, Kari, Natile, Azur, Aowfai, Dreth, Zince, etc. (I know I'm naming ones none of you know, too bad :P) won't disappear. See the short stories as another dimension paralleling the plot in a crazy sort of way.

And Shima, I'm sorry that you'll eventually read past Part 1 up until the part posted in that gigantic entry only to be disappointed, and most likely try to strangle me in an effort to force me to type up the next part I do have written down.

So this is what I have so far of something:

Aristocratic Morning of Dreams Far From Desire

* Auron is equivalent to the god Apollo

    The limestone balcony drank gold from the morning sunlight which graciously warmed the polished stone awaiting awakening bare feet. Its entrance danced as if in a warm painting with flowing veils whilst a faint wind breathed life into a suite blessed with Auron's* rays. The room itself: an aristocratic dream of surroundings heavy with heavenly decor. Elaborately patterned carpets softened glossy floors and matched the sleek chairs formed from exotic woods and silk covered cushions. The tables, some covered with rich linens and others bare, stood serenely as they held a range of objects: a vase of fire lilies, picture frames with images of dear ones, still candles next to notebooks, even hand carved boxes of chance trinkets. From the white marble fireplace with gentle streaks of gray to the grand dresser on the other side of the room every piece of shining life laid still in a graceful scattering.

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I feel like posting.

Naked Mind (Draft)

A self fight seen in the wild eyes
Shine with a duel of silent words.
Question yourself, debate the reason,
Play devil's advocate deep inside
The sanctuary that's always there,
Whether blank or soiled with ideas,
You travel through it without leaving.

Soaked chants paint ink upon the pages
With words of personifications

I'll probably edit this eventually.

As for Teriscore, I'll try to finish some stuff up this weekend. I dunno, I've been working more on random short stories that branch off mainly with certain characters. I don't dare post any because they'll probably confuse those of you reading.

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Feh, I really haven't had alot of time to write. I still need to draw the map, and do other stuffs before writing the next part of Teriscore. I'm trying =\

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I've deleted several of my posts in this journal after going through and editing what I've written for Teriscore so far. Reading through it has made caused me to kind of....hate it. My writing seems really shitty so I'm hoping to improve greatly. I'm not sure when I'll have the map done. I won't be posting the parts separately as well. Quite frankly, I can't be fucking bothered at the moment.



    "HOLY SHIT THAT IS THE BEST IDEA EVAR!" could barely be heard over the hectic bustle of the tavern. Moving the half pint to the right of her plate Kyna grinned with the reply "Yeah just about."

    Two-Tone Tavern had been Kyna's second home of entertainment. As the keeper said: "You come to laugh with the company of either booze, stories, fights, or an actual clean place to shit on the entire island." She stopped in daily for a good joke with friends, but mainly conversed with Caylor about how the day went, which building in town shouldn't be entered due to contamination, or who would be run out of town next.

    Her discussion with Caylor over "The Best Idea Evar" never came close to being concerned with any idea fit to be considered a master plan, even with their state of tipsy-ness. It was actually quite simple: take the "cow's" finest dress and lingerie up to the crow's nest where the garments would be tied to. Embarrassing, yes. Ingenius, not so much.

    Kyna continued the giddy conversation by saying "Even better, she's too frightful and fat to climb up to get her massive, frilly shit!" This put Caylor into a a fit of laughter to the point where she had to put her fork down before flinging food. Their friend Edric who sat laughing at their childish joy interrupted "I must say, your brilliance astounds me, but how exactly do you plan to execute your "Best Idea Evar!'?" Putting her mug to the left of the plate Kyna replied "Well Edric, we'll sneak into her room when Caylor and I get off our shift since the cow won't be back onto the ship until like two, and take a little detour to the nest. The captain will be off to spend the night with his mistress as well so we'll have plenty of time until the cow crawls back at three."
    "Two." Edric said smiling.

    "Yes......two," Kyna responded while moving the mug across to the right, "Now then, dessert that involves chocolate and drink!" Taking a swig from the mug while standing up she stumbled to the side and caught her balance by slamming the already battered mug onto the table. "Keep! Maybe just the dessert!" Dragging the mug across the table to the left Kyna sat back down smiling.

    Edric laughed. "That stupid grin of yours won't last when you wake up to find out that you've passed out from drinking before the start of your night watch."

    "So says YOU. I still have a few hours to sleep it off anyways. Now then, it's what 5:30pm?"

    "Try 7:12pm."

    "Right, I say we sleep awhile until we have to leave. Caylor, wake me up at ten-thirty so we'll be alive in front of the ship at 10:55."


    Kyna, forgetting her order for dessert, stood up clumsily to head upstairs to her rented room and managed only to fall onto the seat next to hers. Taking a few seconds to gain a sense of stability she grasped onto the ledge of the table for support and slowly (very slowly) zig zagged to the flight of stairs. Here she paused to stare at the railing until the outline of it did not resemble a fuzzy cat tail that refused to keep still.

    "It's not suppose to move around!" Kyna whined.

    Laughing Caylor said "I dare you to try and rest your hand on it, that is if you can find it."

    "Aren't you just the comedian Caylor? Shut up and find the key." snapped Kyna as she grudgingly dragged one foot after the other up the steps until miraculously reaching the door. Fumbling with the key she jammed it into the keyhole and took a few tries to turn in with enough force.

    "At last, the door is opened!" exclaimed Edric. He made his way between the two to light a few lanterns to prevent someone from tripping over god knows what and smashing their head on the floor. Stepping into a private room he turned saying "Try to pass out on the bed and I'll come out in a few hours to attempt to wake you up. No promises considering you sleep as if you're dead."

    "Well then wake Caylor up so she can help you wake me up. It's not that complicated. And my head hurts. Quit swaying from side to side while you stand, you look stupid."

    Stifling a laugh he replied "Yes ma'am. Try not to forget your plan as well." The door to his room closed followed by more whining from Kyna about the noise.

    "Good god my fuxing head!" moaned Kyna. She reached for a pillow to hold over her head as she flopped onto the bed. "Leave the lamps on, it's annoying having to light them in the dark when vision becomes obsolete." Within seconds the two drifted into a hard slumber as the laughter softened from the floor's width caressed the air.


    The sound of glass shattering against the ceiling below Edric's bed caused the wood to moan irately. It was a miracle that Two-Tone's beaten down floors stayed in tact. Rubbing his exhausted eyes to erase the weariness Edric walked towards the crack of light under the door and banged obnoxiously against the wall. "Wake up, I have places to be as well."

    Kyna rolled over in bed, ready to whine while Caylor lethargically opened the door as if to say "No private girl stuff is in progress, you can come in."

    Without the split of a second needed to breathe in protest the blankets were stolen from Kyna. "I'm naked!"; a pitiful attempt to force her friends to leave so she could sleep again.

    Caylor sat on Kyna's legs laughing, "That has to be your worst attempt at lying yet. Besides you aren't stupid enough to sleep in the nude at Two-Tone." She rose to let her friend get out of bed and gain some sense.

    Forgetting the incident Kyna stretched heavily. "Think it'll rain like the captain said?"

    "Doubt it." Edric remarked, "the storm should have passed by now."

    "Good." Kyna tried to focus on a plan, yet the only thing she could concentrate on was moving around to wake up. A quick glance at the clock eased her mind. The fight downstairs woke Edric up nearly twenty minutes earlier than needed. She and Caylor didn't have to worry about cleaning the room either since majority of their belongings were packed to ensure a hasty leave the upcoming afternoon. Once their ten month deck-hand contracts were fulfilled at the end of their last night watch, they didn't plan on dicking around the town anymore, rather give the locals a break from their idiotic stunts and find a more promising lifestyle up north. The whole pissing off Mirna one last time was simply another reason to leave town promptly.

    Yet for some reason Kyna was agitated. She was still really tired, and the little prank was less satisfying when sober. A sigh unexpectedly escaped her and caught Edric's attention.

    "Going to miss this shit hole of a town, are we?" he chimed.

    "Not really, just.....I dunno. Things no longer seem as fulfilling." Her reply was said deeply. Caylor knew Kyna felt dissatisfied leaving without anything worthwhile to remember. Sure the random pranks were a good laugh; flipping over the rain barrel every few days at the food store owned by some old fart who tried to cane Caylor for allegedly shoplifting, throwing the blacksmith's brutal cat through the mayor's window when he invited Mirna to dinner, it was all just really childish fun with a hint of idiocy. What she didn't understand though, was why would Kyna want to remember such a shabby town? Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Kyna's comeback, "Besides, you're the one who is going to live in this shit hole."

    "True," Edric said, "But at least I'm content on living here. I've got a decent job to keep me under a roof. Oh yeah Kihosca and Oberon will be here in five days."

    Kyna became curious. "Really? I thought they wouldn't arrive in at least a week."

    "Things changed." Kihosca and Oberon were friends the three met at Nakso when at the port for work. After managing to keep in contact for a couple of months the two decided to move South and find better work at the town Kyna, Caylor, and Edric lived. However Kyna refused to delay traveling North, so the plan was to possibly meet them on their way (it wasn't expected to work), and Kihosca and Oberon could fill their bunks at Two-Tone. "Where are you going up north?"

    "Oh I'm sure there's a town we can manage in somewhere. Caylor also said she had relatives in Seonpar."

    "I did five years ago at least." The reassurance which held their plan together seemed to die a little with each word.

    "Whatever, we'll be fine once we get going." Kyna's optimism came off as a tad weak.

    Another crash downstairs stole their attention from the room.

    "Let's leave now." Caylor's voiced reaction was met with a brisk walk towards the stairs out in the hallway.


    A buzz of shouting and wreckage drowned their descending footsteps. Before Kyna could open the door to enter the tavern a fairly husky man holding an air of importance blocked the way. "You'd have to be mad to walk into that....that flotsam and jetsam." He looked as if the wind was knocked out of him due to running a marathon alongside savages.

    In return Kyna put on her brightest smile, "Always a pleasure to be reminded of my undiagnosed craziness Mr. Roberts." She readied herself to tune out his upcoming chastising.

    "Yes, and a foul young lady like yourself will easily fit right in with that brawl." He continued on his way mumbling, "Clients entangling themselves with wealthy storytellers shouldn't live amongst such commoners...."

    Caylor gave his back a look of disgust. "I swear he uses words and phrases like that just to make us commoners feel stupid."

    "Mhmm." Kyna shrugged off the incident, and stepped into the fervor alert for anything, or anyone, flying towards the wall. She soaked in the liveliness with a newfound vigilance. Looking towards the unusually calm bartender, Kyna shouted "Hey! Hey Cadmon!"

    "Kyna you owe me money!" Cadmon never failed to remind her. She maneuvered between tables and chairs until there was no need to shout so loudly. "You know you don't need money despite holding your own little Tortuga in here." With that she dropped a small sack of coins onto the counter. "Anyways, I probably have two friends outside now awaiting my presence." Smiling she ran to the door whilst dodging two drunken men looking for a face to meet the stool they held up. The brisk air clean of must chilled Kyna, forcing her to wear the jacket tied around her waist. She suddenly felt stupid for putting on the short sleeved tunic. "The first town we hit we need to sell our clothes and buy warmer ones more suitable for travelling." Caylor nodded in agreement.

    "I'm needed at the carpenter's, so I'll see you in the morning." Edric didn't wait around for a response.

    "Shit, we're gonna be late." At that the two girls rushed towards the harbor. As the merchant ship came into view they slowed down. Climbing up the large plank two sea-hard men noticed their presence. The one to the right stated "Captain is out with his mistress until morning, and Mirna is strutting around town with some lap dog man hoping to get a rich ass." It was nice knowing the entire crew despised Mirna and her stupidity for choosing a merchant ship to travel on rather than a passenger ship. The wealthy weren't subtle in expressing their desire to stand out.

    "Do you know when she's coming back?"

    "No idea." Kyna knew he'd say that. Understanding the two men's eagerness to leave, she and Caylor waved them off.

    Once their figures disappeared Kyna let out a sigh. Caylor felt the same uneasiness of time's immeasurable pressure. "You should head down now in case Mirna crawls back here to show off all of her trinkets."

    "Yeah....I need to take something back as well."

    Caylor raised an eyebrow. "You never mentioned stealing anything."

    "It's not stealing, its' the necklace Mirna stole from me as punishment for spilling water on her shoes." Kyna figured her friend would remember since Mirna happily slapped Caylor for not rushing to her aid during the incident.

    Caylor had already pointed out that stealing was too risky. Mirna could easily point out that Caylor and Kyna could never afford gleaming frippery found in her jewelry boxes. The one trump card the two had was what Kyna's pendant brandished; the letters K-Z-A-H-Y-N. "Oh, well then go right ahead. Are we still doing the prank?"

    "We can, but we'd have to just before our shift ends in case Mirna comes back. Can you shout something as a warning if I'm down and someone comes on board? Just shout anything."

    "Aight, not a problem. Though you should go now." Caylor suggested this as she took the pistol from her belt. She rested it on her shoulder to show any unsuspected wanderers she wasn't helpless.


    Nodding in reply Kyna headed below deck. Even though the ship was empty she crept along in a dilatory manner while staring into the darkness, longing for her vision to adjust as she groped along the wall for reassurance. Kyna grasped onto a door handle. Moving further she felt another, and then the third one. Tardily turning it she put her weight against the door praying it would open. A sigh of relief escaped her once it did. "Yes!!" Careful of where she walked Kyna entered the cramped room to find a couple of lanterns lit. Kyna smirked, "Mirna still fears the dark."

    Despite the cow's benevolent payment for lodgings, she like any other customer was blessed with an incommodious room. A single bed took up an entire wall with a cluttered dresser/desk thing facing it. Just the sight of the several boxes of jewelry and perfumes vexed Kyna. "This is going to be a fuxing pain." Lighting another lantern to aid her search she stepped around the luxuriant clothing on the floor to reach the dresser. The coveted chain was dirty silver and caressed an intricate pendant of silver wire elaborately wrapped around a crimson stone sphere. The coil above the stone connected to a loop for the chain to go through was decorated with minute carved letters proving Kyna's ownership. It was an heirloom she was given after the death of her father; a trinket you keep for the sake of significance. The only thought keeping her at ease was Mirna's constant bragging of having such an antique in her collection (meaning she didn't sell it), yet never bothering to wear the necklace around her fat neck.

    Digging into the first jewelry box Kyna desperately tried to take her time so as to search thoroughly. One box held dozens of bengals and fancy wrist watches. The second one earrings. Another hairpins. Fourth one; more earrings. She soon became agitated and started to push the contents of a box around forcefully, yet her pendant wasn't hidden amongst the gaudy brooches.

    "It's been twenty fixing minutes at the least, I've searched every goddamn box on this dresser!!" Desperately wanting to stop her panicking she sat on the bed and hit the heels of her leather boots against the drawers. A hollow-sounding thud reached her ears, then it hit her: the drawers under the bed. Mirna was always fussing around in the room, throwing crap into the extra cabin space. Opening the first drawer vigorously Kyna zealously shuffled its contents to and fro. Her fingers removed the lid off a cherry wood box to reveal a collection of necklaces. She happily pulled the chains into better lighting (yay, shiny stuff), only to curse for entangling them even further.

    Taking a few minutes to fiddle with the knots Kyna at last laid eyes upon a familiarity. "Yes!!" She pulled the coveted chains from the others with little resistance. Seconds later the pendant rested coolly on Kyna's chest under her shirt.

    Satisfaction was sweet, but she still had reasons to be worried. She hadn't a clue on how long she'd taken, or if it was safe enough to carry out the prank. After a minute or so of debating, Kyna decided, "Caylor will forgive me."

    She rose from her knees to fetch the lantern left on the dresser, and blew out the extra lights. As she circled the room to confirm everything was back in its place as close to before something fell against the door on the other side. The sound stabbed her chest letting fear flow from the wound.

    "It'll only take meh a min-*hick* ute to find my stash of Tokay Emmet, really just stay up there. Caylor's somewhat of a blessing unlike that bitch who is off drunk instead of doing what she was hired to do. Honestly she's probably the slut of the town."

    There was no room in Kyna's mind for anger against the insult. Mirna was drunk meaning she'd be more brutal than usual if she saw Kyna. She pitifully looked for a hiding place, but with the room so small...

    The doorknob began to turn. Only Kyna heard herself mutter "My legs aren't moving. I can't-"

    The creak of an old door pierced the atmosphere. Mirna's intoxicated smile transformed into a scowl of disbelief and rage. Reacting in neither fight or flight Kyna did not see Mirna's hand raise until the purse knocked her to the floor.

    "YOU SEA RAT BITCH. WHAT DID YOU TOUCH? WHAT DID YOU TOUCH?" Mirna furiously forced Kyna to the floor with a pudgy hand pinning her arm behind her back.



    "GET OFF!!"

    Mirna then used her other hand to pull back Kyna's hair. Bending down to yell in her ear Mirna's breath that reeked of whiskey reached her nose. Instead of yelling she said heavily "Whatever you stole I'll find a way to get paid back."

    Neither said a word for several seconds, until a glint in Mirna's eyes gave off a sickening delight. "Actually, I think I'll get my payback now."

    Kyna could feel herself shaking as her forehead was forced to the floor. Her mind could not fully register the pampered fingers reaching the golden hoop through one of Kyna's piercings in her left ear. The first, savage yank didn't awaken her sense. The second brought a stinging tear as air licked the wound.

    Mirna became thrown off balance as Kyna jerked from under her out of pain and frustration. Grasping at the left side of her head with a throbbing palm she wrestled the aristocratic wench to the door. Before either of the crazed females could open the door a tall man stormed in only to greet them with a shocked face. He managed to pull Kyna away from Mirna despite her hands clawing at his grasp. Her cry of pain and confusion spooked him enough to put her down. Leaning against the wall of the hallway she gazed at an oncoming shadow which nearly knocked her off balance. "Kyna your ear-"

    "MOVE!" Kyna wanted off the ship. Her chance to run off disappeared when a vengeful hand grabbed her neck. The husky lady's strength forced the girl to her knees.

    "Mirna you'll hurt the poor girl-" Emmet's fear of Mirna was more evident than Caylor and Kyna's combined.

    "She's a thief! A filthy good-for-nothing who stole from me! I want the captain! I want her punished!"

    "Mirna calmed down!" Despite looking as if he was going to pee himself, Emmet tried to gain control of the ordeal.

    "Caylor, go fetch the captain, now." Mirna's grip around Kyna's neck hardened as she finished her order, yet Caylor didn't move. She stared at Mirna with pure hatred.

    "I said to go fetch the captain. Move unless you want to end up like your friend!" Mirna took a step forward so as to intimidate Caylor. She still didn't move, rather focused her sight on Kyna who had stayed listless since the catastrophe migrated into the cramped hallway of the ship. There was no sign of resistance to Mirna's drunken savagery as she sat there with eyes closed.

    Mirna's patience burned out. She let go of Kyna's neck in order to slap Caylor across the face. "You incompetent waste,  GO FIND THE CAPTAIN." Caylor awakened from her daze, only to become further angered. A raised hand prepared to strike again stopped her from speaking her mind. Instead the girl turned around to race onto deck, feeling bitter for abandoning her friend. "I'm sorry." she whispered angrily.


/cries out of relief
For reason going through to edit the story was a real pain in the butt.

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It's done......I hope XD I'll start on the third draft later that has more rhymes suitable for a rap. *shrugs* I like this version a lot though, it was fun to write :D

Second Calling

Time is calling
I'm still falling
You're here waiting
My sanity is quickly fading
The minutes won't stop ticking
Some thing's just about to break

Everyone is looking for a way out
But I don't have the answers
The chaos is too time-consuming
The path before keeps darkening
My hour-glass is shattering
Please say that you're staying

Any day now time will freeze
Our time together isn't long
The strain is too nauseating
As my Endymion starts crashing
With devils and souls dancing
To the beat of slow breathing

Time is calling
I sit staring
You're left wondering
How I can still be functioning
To a life no longer pulsing
With ambition fracturing

What's done is done, set in stone
Just gotta tango with the emotions
For hell is a paradise in awakening
Cluttered with misunderstanding
The inability to keep believing
It leaves bitterness in the starving

Eyes watch the hourly grains
Wasted through the cracks of time
Yet you can't hear the chiming
I won't acknowledge the denying
We'd rather go on running
Some thing's reached the point of breaking

Time is calling
I lay stalling
As I flow into drifting
Through reality's shifting
Leaving us all to racing
The minutes that keep on ticking
To a chaotic merry go round
That has us shouting without sound


Also this was the first version written about a year ago:


Time is calling
I'm still falling
You're here waiting
My sanity is quickly fading
The minutes won't stop ticking
Something's just about to break

Everyone is looking for a way out
But I don't have the answers
The chaos is too time-consuming
The path before keeps darkening
My hour-glass is shattering
Please say you're staying

Anyday now time will freeze
Our time together isn't long
Paradise has gone to hell
I've lost the freedom of love



As for the music I'm listening to; heavy metal. Even I'm surprised that I can handle this kind of genre with the vocals hardly being understandable (more like angry screaming really) XD

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Aight, I won't continue Teriscore until my essay is done (that includes typing up what I have written). I have also decided not to continue to FSN fan fic.


Someone on IRC responded to a poem I wrote about a year ago saying he thinks it'd make a good rap song, and will show it to his friend to give it a shot. So I told him to wait until I made a longer version. This isn't the final product and I don't think I can make it sound amazingly brilliant, but I still like it :)

Calling Version 2:

Time is calling
I'm still falling
You're here waiting
My sanity is quickly fading
The minutes won't stop ticking
Something's just about to break

Everyone is looking for a way out
But I don't have the answers
The chaos is too time-consuming
The path before keeps darkening
My hour-glass is shattering
Please say that you're staying

Any day now time will freeze
Our time together isn't long
The strain is too nauseating
As my Endymion starts crashing
With devils and souls dancing
To the beat of slow breathing

Time is calling
I sit staring
You're left wondering
How I can still be functioning
To a life no longer pulsing
With ambition fracturing

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I really have no idea what to do with this Fate Stay Night fan fic. I may finish it, I may not. So far it seems like it's going to be pretty damn long :\ And the other problem is the whole a newb magician supplying mana to a servant. Yeah.......I don't want this fan fic to be "naughty" either. Yay for eating souls?


The light of a dawn sky creeped over Fuyuki City in an agitating manner, equaling Ayana Nijou's frustration. The school year started at Homurabara Gakuen nearly two months ago, but to the mother of a girl who continuously threw herself against the bars of a cage in the shape of a second home those several weeks were better off away from Fuyuki. Her deceased father's house is no longer good enough to live in. Fuyuki City isn't enough like Tokyo. No one there except friend's of Ayana's fathers will recognize her. She isn't familiar with the school. All her mother's excuses merely danced around the unspoken truth most mothers detest; Ayana living in Fuyuki freed her from Shimei Nijou's caring eyes.

Caring. The word was the justification for all of Shimei's motherly actions. It's always a plausible reason, isn't it? What mother would deny that their lifestyle was to help mold a child into the perfect adult. Parents do things because they care.

Ayana couldn't give two shits about caring. Reality was reality; her mother was scared of letting her oldest daughter live in the same city where her husband died of unknown causes. His body was found, limp and lifeless on the steps of the Ryūdōji Temple the morning after the night he was reported missing. Only a few doctors, Shimei, and Ayana knew there was no evidence whatsoever to tell them the cause of death. The afternoon she remembered too vividly came back to her each time Shimei tried to convince her to stay in Tokyo; she cried, half-consciously taking in the words scripted in the caring manner children will comprehend. "Daddy has left us for good, and I don't know why...you're a big girl for five years old Aya-chan...you loved Daddy very much Aya-chan...don't tell Setsu-chan when she's old enough to ask..."

The whole ordeal was a distracting nuisance to Ayana. Going back to Fuyuki would hardly leave it to vanish, but her first home was the best place to run to and avoid Tokyo. If there was anything to be happy about, it was telling Shimei only three months in advance of her plan to go back to school in Fuyuki. Any time earlier would have killed her due to Shimei's constant display of pure discouragement. For some reason though, her mother reluctantly handled the paper work, and has Ayana transferred to Homurabara Gakuen.

However Ayana was foolish to believe such a caring mother would let go that easily. Shimei managed to keep her in Tokyo an extra two months. "Oh Aya-chan, you must stay a little longer for Setsu-chan's birthday. A week of school won't hurt you, you're a bright girl." "There's no way I can take you down to Fuyuki while I'm assigned night shifts, and who will watch your little sister? Your old school was kind enough to loan me some books for the courses you'll be taking at Homurabara Gakuen." Two months the excuses went on, until Ayana's patience dwindled into nonexistence.


Yeah I stopped writing at a not so great spot, sorry about that XD

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